Can’t sleep..

It was bound to happen from the beginning. The longer I’d stay the further we’ll grow apart. She chose a path which led to living in this pale emotionless place, a place that combines the cons of living nowhere, and the cons of living somewhere. Spending my days locked in a house, leaping from one alternative reality to another, book after book. It could only hold my sanity for a little while before the sorrow that fills me at each interval, between the end of a book and the beginning of another grow big enough to strip me off my senses. With each ending the void inside me expands, my darkness gaining gravity, sucking what little light I had left. This was all bound to happen from the beginning. Like listening to a song you liked over and over again and with each repeat it loses more and more of its value, until suddenly the song doesn’t mean to you what it once meant. She knew that her love alone could never fill my void. Each night I bared the snoring, believing it to be my last night with her, but each day, the universe would act against that. She couldn’t hide that she was glad, as if she was praying all night for something, anything that would delay my departure, which only made me grow more distant. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here in the first, Maybe I should have just missed her from far away.

An encounter with death I (Part One)

I was heading home from school at around 1pm in our humble public transportation in the form of the Hyundai Trajet, As always the AC wasn’t working, the air was damp and sweaty, and the car smelled like football players.

The traffic was much more heavier than usual, and at that place, and this era in Libyas’ history, that usually means that someone has closed the parliament road, Which was also my way home.

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